Do you like to have such adrenalin without any danger? Highway Racer (HR) has been developed as an ambitious game to make you feel this excitement.

 4.2 rating

Kids The Menaces

Kids The Menaces one of the most ambitious runner games with its 3D scenes, incredible graphics,sounds & musics and addictive gaming style.

 4.9 rating


Cugga Android App&Game Market is a unique application with its own browsing options and categories.Our Editorial team continuously updating our unique categories.

 4.6 rating

Soccer Manager

Fanatic Manager Football (Soccer) game, create your own football club, make transfers, prepare for matches, train your players

 4.0 rating

4 Pics 1 Words

Guess the word by looking to the 4 different related pictures. 4 different pictures tell something in common.

 4.0 rating

Word Search

If you are confident you have the ability for quick detection, being carefull, quick evaluation of alternatives then this game is just for you

 4.7 rating

Foggy Pics 1 Word

Guess the word with reducing fog above picture You can get more credits if you can guess the word with less reducing fog

 4.8 rating


If you want to reach the best applications & games among thousands of Android contents you must try Bro App Market...

 4.0 rating

3D Led LWP

You can create your own 3D live wallpaper with this application. After typing your name in a textbox, adjusting animation speed and choosing the font size with ...

 4.7 rating

IS Battery Saver

IS Battery Saver is all in one battery and power management solution for android. Don't charge your phone everyday. IS Battery Saver helps you and protect your battery.

 4.3 rating

Task Manager

IS Task Manager is a smart tool to manage, uninstall and kill running applications in background. With This Tool you can speed up your phone and save your battery.

 4.5 rating

IS FlashLight

With IS Flashlight, you can control the LED flashlight of your mobile device, turn on/off light with one touch configuration.Alternatively you can use long touch configuration to turn on/off.

 4.5 rating

User Comments

Getting it all!!(Cugga)

This is much easier to have everything in hand does them things I never knew existed out here so thank you and I love this.

Deborah Hayes Robersom - May 27/2013, by: HTC One

Best flashlight with lots of features. However everyone in my home now wants a phone with Flash after enjoying this app.

Manu Kalia - July 7/2013, by: Samsung Galaxy S3
Like it(4 Pics 1 Word)

My son and i absolutely love this app...we solve each and every picture together....

Mark - July 2/2013, by: Samsung Galaxy Note
Love it (Is Task Manager)

Thanks for this app. Its very useful for my android

Naim Damm - April 28/2013, by: Samsung Galaxy S3
Very nice(Brophone)

Definitely worth my time browsing through all the different apps!!

Sanchith Hirwe - June 15/2013 by: Galaxy Note II